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The company places food products in 1365 with the aim of using surplus agricultural products obtained from the Ministry of Industries and Mines has established Agreements of building and purchase machinery to produce tomato paste. In 1369 in the first phase of tomato paste with Zryft 20 tons per day was started. In the second phase in 1371 with the introduction of Tlyz (Kantynyvz) from Italy, along with other equipment production rose to 300 tons per day. The third phase began in 1375 with the addition of tomato paste products such as pickles - pickled olives - Spices - jam was produced in the company in 1391 and 1392 with the goal of job creation with the purchase and installation of laboratory equipmentpickles, canned food eggplant, pickles, pickled olives, jam and sauce of mayonnaise, French and ketchup is active, and are proud to be enjoying the experts and most modern machinery and quality control in the laboratory with its products domestic, Asian and European offerings, and we are ready to cooperate Baklyh distribution company, export, wholesale and government agencies declare.



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